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Social Media Addiction

On social media sites, users display their networks in order to signal a number of traits social status, political beliefs, cultural tastes and in order to establish trust in a new relationship – Public Displays of Connection by J.Donath and d.boyd 

Whenever I check my Instagram timeline, there are many cute pictures of cute couples. Some of them are getting married and some others just got into the relationship. Sometimes, people are complaining how awful their ex-boyfriends/girlfriends are.

When I was in middle school, if I like someone I confess and if he also likes me back we just get into relationship and go on dates. We did not need to inform others what we are doing, except our close friends just for girls talk. But now I see people posting about happy stories like date night for anniversary and I’ll see them being deleted after awhile because they break up. This can lead to negative emotions and stalking behaviors.

Like it’s mentioned in Public Displays of Connection, the users use social media to establish trust in a new relationship and show it to others.

And everyone is connected with others all the time.

But is it really the best to care about what others will think about you by checking how many likes and comments you get?


Personally, it is not good for my mental health because it gives me anxious about what others will say about my posts and so on.

And also, it is disrespectful to keep checking your social media when you are with someone else. When my parents were younger, they were writing letters to communicate and call on the phone to make an appointment now it is really easy, which is not too bad, but it is also different. But I’d say the older generation probably had better quality of time during dates.

Here’s my questions:

  1. How has the dating style changed by having more social media available to you?
  2. Is it better? worse?
  3. Why do people post their dating status on social media?